Monday, August 16, 2010

Slow Start

So it just seemed like an awesome idea at the time and then life happens!  OK, well shit happens but sometimes (many of them) that's synonymous with "life".  Busy, crazy week last week with being the ONLY week of summer without cooking at camp....except for Friday.  Anyway, I digress.  Today is the long awaited carpal & cubital tunnel surgery.  The conversation in the car with Jordann the other day went like this:

Jordann:  Have you ever had surgery before, Mom?
Me:  When I gave birth to you two girls, yes.  (2 c-sections for those keeping score at home)
Jordann:  Other than that though?
Me:  No.
Jordann:  Are you scared?
Me:  Yes.
Jordann:  Aaaaaaaaaaaw

My kids, and most people, are not real used to my exposing my vulnerabilities but I have to say, I am a little spooked.  But it's happening - so here we go.

SOOOOO.....when the damn slicing & dicing of my right forearm is complete and I have recovered from the afor mentioned massacre....I will be back.  We'll get this sucker kicked off in full swing.  Deal?  In the meantime, say a little prayer.  ;)

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